Even if you have zero complaints, there’s something to be said about taking things to the next level in the bedroom (or on the kitchen counter, we’re not judging). Starting on the lowest setting can help you gradually increase your pleasure for a stronger climax, but you can also start anywhere then experiment with different levels of intensity as you go. You can even use it to stimulate around the vulva and labia first, to enhance your arousal. Similarly, rabbit vibes can easily be held in place by a partner in whatever position feels good. There’s no wrong or right position to use a rabbit vibrator in.

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  • Meanwhile, it offers 36 different vibration combinations that can be quickly accessed at the tough of a button, with a long-lasting USB rechargeable battery to help you rock the boat for hours.
  • It can be used hands-free, and its six vibration patterns are guaranteed to leave any man convulsing in powerful orgasms.
  • On Spice Up Lab, I review some of the best sex toys in the world.

The earliest designs of rabbit vibrators consisted of rabbit ears that provided stimulation around the vagina with a flapping motion. The main way to use it is to insert the shaft deep enough in the vagina to have the ears up against the clitoris. Some people lie on their backs, but you can also lie on your stomach or side.

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Sex toys are designed to stimulate your most pleasurable areas. This includes things quickshot launch like the clitoris, G-spot and prostate. You know the Rabbit vibrator, you love the Rabbit vibrator.

In fact, you get 25 different frequency experiences to choose from. What makes this bullet more tech-friendly is that it comes with an “intelligent mode,” which you turn on by clicking the “S” button. Then you’re guided through various intensity levels (which you can control with the remote; the top triangle button amps up the intensity, and the bottom triangle winds it down). Plus, the egg shape of this bullet vibe offers stimulation to more surface, which avoids overstimulating one specific area. The Spritz is budget-friendly and still gives you plenty of options.

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Rabbit vibrators are some of the best-packaged sex toys in the industry. When you’re comfortable with it, gradually insert the shaft. Using lube will make the experience more exciting than you can imagine.

And considering how far we’ve come as a species, let’s not revert back to the not-so-golden days of masturbation simply because we refuse to do our homework. It’s also 100% waterproof and comes with a convenient travel lock to give you even more play options. So, treat yourself to something that’s made with your unique needs in mind. It also comes with its own high-end storage container so you can travel with peace of mind or give it away as a gift. And since it’s made from skin-safe silicone that’s compatible with nearly any water-based lube, you don’t have to worry about irritation, allergenic reactions, or shoddy craftsmanship either.

This is especially true for those of you who are only interested in clitoral stimulation and using your vibrator on the outside of your vagina. If you want penetration also, then obviously the shape of your vibrator is important too. When you’re ready, gradually and gently insert the shaft portion of the Rabbit; the lube will make this a lot easier and far more comfortable.

Feel it in your hands, then try your nipples, neck, or arms. Play around with the settings and buttons to get a sense of how the toy works. Before shelling out for a rabbit toy, you probably want to know if it’s the right toy for you. As sex educator Cassandra Corrado explains, everyone’s desires and preferences are different, most people don’t inherently know what type of sensations work for them. Have your partner plant kisses on your thighs as they work their way up to your chest. Gently rock your pelvis against their hands as they use a rabbit vibrator to enhance your pleasure.

In the scene, Charlotte tells about her new addiction and the best rabbit vibrator she ever owned. Sex and the city is a popular TV comedy-drama about four women with different natures and ever-changing sex lives. Sex and the city is among the most popular TV shows in the USA. Being an internet bunny means that you will be hopping from website to website, looking for the best way to enjoy your rabbit vibrator. It is perfectly normal, as you need this to know the best way to reap the fruits of your purchase. More so, you’ll also be open to more tests, special features, and a load of content that would jack up your sex life.

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